Abbey Inventories




At the start of the Tenancy, the Inventory clerk will inspect the property to collect information about its condition and contents. After the inspection the Clerk will prepare the Inventory. The Inventory is a detailed record of the condition and the contents of a property – ceilings, walls, floors, doors, windows, sofas, tables, plates, cups etc. Once it is signed by the Tenant and the Landlord it becomes a proof of the condition of the property and the items that are in it at the start of the Tenancy. If there is a dispute at the end of the tenancy each party can use this report as evidence.



The Inventory clerk will take meter readings, list keys and prepare Schedule of overall condition and cleanliness. The previously prepared Inventory will be checked and signed by the Tenant. The Inventory clerk will give Guidance Notes to the Tenants how to take care of the property during the tenancy together with Check-out instructions how to get the property ready for the end of the tenancy.


Mid-term inspection & report

These inspections can be done every 6 months or before a renewal is agreed. The purpose is to give the Landlord or the Agent an idea as to whether the property is being well treated or neglected. The Clerk will inspect the property in details with the Inventory at hand and in the presence of the Tenants with their furniture and belongings. The purpose is to check the Tenant's general compliance with the Tenancy Agreement with regard to cleanliness, neglect, repairs required and any damage.

Inventory & Check-in (in one visit)

The Inventory Clerk will visit the property a few hours before the Tenant arrival to inspect the property. He will take meter readings and list keys to be given to the Tenant. When the Tenants arrive the Clerk will prepare a Schedule of Condition of the general state and cleanliness, which the Tenants have to sign.  After the inspection the Inventory is typed and copies are sent to the parties to sign. They are entitled to add their notes (if any) in hand writing. As the Inventory Clerk visits the property just once the Check-In (when together with an Inventory) is provided at 50% discount.



At the end of the Tenancy, the property and its contents are carefully checked room by room, item by item and compared to the ones recorded on the Inventory prepared at the start of the tenancy. The Inventory clerk will take final meter reading and list keys returned by the Tenant. The Clerk will prepare a Schedule of Conditions about the general state and cleanliness of the property, which the Tenants have to sign. After the inspection the Clerk will prepare a comparison report. Any changes, damages, missing items, maintenance or cleaning issues are listed with photos & recommendations whether the changes are due to Fair Wear & Tear, Maintenance issue or Tenant’s liability.

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