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Landlords: How to avoid disputes at the end of the tenancy


Landlords, protect your property!

Inventory usually costs less than 50% of 1-week rent.  Your property is worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. Having an Inventory encourages the Tenants to look after the property – they are made aware everything is listed. If the Inventory is prepared by Abbey Inventories we also give the Tenants detailed Guidance Notes how to take care of the property during the tenancy and Check-Out notes on what is expected of them at the end of the tenancy (e.g. missing items, cleaning, damage).


You can split the cost with the Tenants as both parties benefit from having an Inventory. As Landlord you can include a clause in the Tenancy Agreement that you will arrange and pay for the Inventory and Check-In and you will arrange but the Tenant will pay for the Check-Out.


The Inventory is a written record – it ensures that if any damage occurs to the property during the term of the tenancy, or if any items go missing, these are identified at the end of the tenancy. Without an Inventory it will be extremely difficult to prove that the damages were not there at the commencement of the tenancy. A detailed independent Inventory is crucial for the Tenancy Deposit Dispute resolution.


The new Tenancy Deposit Scheme legislation is designed to protect the Tenants. Landlords are now required to 'prove their case' if they wish to make deductions from Tenants’ deposits.


If you as Landlord prepare the Inventory by yourself in case of dispute Tenants could claim the report was biased.


Taking hundreds of photos? Video? The adjudicators cannot accurately determine the original condition of your property from a video or photos. If you have no written evidence they won’t be enough to sway the courts or the arbitrator into agreeing with your side of the argument.


The practice of all Tenancy Deposit Protection Schemes makes it clear that having a detailed Inventory and a Check-Out report is vital to adjudicators to permit deductions from the Tenant’s deposit.


Why choose Abbey Inventories?

Abbey Inventories are independent Inventory Clerks. We produce very detailed, high quality reports of the condition of the property and its contents. We give the Tenants detailed Guidance notes how keep the property in a desirable state during the tenancy and detailed Check-Out notes how to get the property ready before they move out (cleaning, replacing lost and damaged items etc.)